Why Typescript ???

  1. Compilation − JavaScript is an interpreted language. Hence, it needs to be run to test that it is valid. It means you write all the codes just to find no output, in case there is an error. Hence, you have to spend hours trying to find bugs in the code. The TypeScript transpiler provides the error-checking feature. TypeScript will compile the code and generate compilation errors, if it finds some sort of…

Input: -12, 11, -13, -5, 6, -7, 5, -3, -6
Output: -12 -13 -5 -7 -3 -6 11 6 5

Method: Two Pointer Approach



Iterate over an array using for loop

1. Avoid the Tutorial Hell:

  1. I am using a Windows 10 machine with Xampp Server installed. If…

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1. Java:

1.Create HTML Template:

Installation :

How to Load the Extensions In VS Code:

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