3 Key Points for an efficient PHP Developer in 2021 ✅

Ankan Das
2 min readOct 7, 2021


Being a PHP-developer, I would like to depict few key points to be noted for an efficient developer in the market. These points stand out very useful while you are working in an organization or and freelancing work or and small, medium or large scale PHP/Laravel application.

1. Data Types:

It is the foundation of any programming language learning curve. If you are aware of this fact , it would be much easier for you to handle large scale of data in production.


2. Associative Arrays:

Whenever you are working with data that are coming from any database, most of the time the data we will be handling as in form of Array, JSON. And most of the time, the array will be indexed or Associative Arrays. So you have to master it.

$age = array(“Peter”=>”35", “Ben”=>”37", “Joe”=>”43");


$age[‘Peter’] = “35”;
$age[‘Ben’] = “37”;
$age[‘Joe’] = “43”;

3. Session Variable:

When you work with an application, you open it, do some changes, and then you close it. This is much like a Session. The computer knows who you are. It knows when you start the application and when you end. But on the internet there is one problem: the web server does not know who you are or what you do, because the HTTP address doesn’t maintain state.

Session variables solve this problem by storing user information to be used across multiple pages (e.g. username, favorite color, etc). By default, session variables last until the user closes the browser.

So; Session variables hold information about one single user, and are available to all pages in one application.

After working with PHP in couple of years I have learnt that You should have the knowledge of above mentioned topics so that you can start building your project sooner.

Thanks a lot for reading till the end. You can contact me in case you need any help.

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